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Catamarans are the fastest sailing boats on the water. This Olympic sport is alive with lots of different possibilities on flat water as well as at sea.

Book a catamaran lesson and we guarantee following:

  • Excellent practice area at the Veerse Meer

  • Our youth boats, the Hobie Dragoons, are a smaller version of the bigger modern fomula class, but have the same characteristics

  • The adult boats are the fast Nacra Catamarans

  • Certified sailing instructors

  • International VDWS teaching system and certificate

  • Catamaran Sailing Intro Lesson

    During the first catamaran sailing lesson you are going to sail together with the instructor and you will learn how to start/ come back, handle the sailing lines, moor and tack. After that introduction you can decide if you want to join the basic course.

    Private or 2 persons (1 hour)
    • 1 person:
    • € 65,- pp
    • 2 persons:
    • € 48,- pp


    Basic Catamaran Sailing Course

    The Basic Catamaran Sailing Course includes 4 separate sailing lessons. Two lessons of one hour and two of two hours each. You are going to learn how to handle a catamaran on your own in up to 4 bft. The sailing lessons are spread over different days. The Catamaran course includes a course book.

    Private or 2 persons (6 hours in 4 lessons)
    • 1 person:
    • € 330,- pp
    • 2 persons:
    • € 255,- pp


    Kids Catamaran Sailing Course

    For kids till 12 years we offer a special kids course which contains 4 catamaran sailing lessons. The kids go sailing together with the instructor. In a safe but playful way, they learn how to handle and sail a Catamaran.

    Private or 2 persons (4 hours)
    • 1 person:
    • € 205,- pp
    • 2 persons:
    • € 170,- pp


    Exam Catamaran Sailing (VDWS)

    If you have participated in the Basic Catamaran Sailing Course, you can do an exam to receive an official international VDWS certificate, to be able to rent Catamarans. Kids can also take part in a skill test to receive a certificate, which allows them to rent a catamaran as well, if they are 15 years or older.

    Theory and Practice
    • exam:
    • € 90,- pp

    Exam Training

    You want to do your exam. The basic course is usually not enough for the exam, if you have never been sailing before.
    Therefore we offer a two hour training session with an instructor. He will check your skills and help you to get ready for the exam.
    You will get a lot of practical training with the assistance of one of our instructors.

    Private or 2 persons (2 hour block)
    • 1 person:
    • € 100,- pp
    • 2 persons:
    • € 75,- pp


    Advanced Catamaran Sailing Course

    Together with the instructor you will go sailing and learn how to use a harness and control the Catamaran with stronger winds (4 Bft. or more). This course is also perfect if you want to refresh your skills again.

    Private or 2 persons (2 hour block)
    • 1 person:
    • € 100,- pp
    • 2 persons:
    • € 75,- pp

    You can't find the info you're looking for? Then get in touch with us or have a look at the faqs.


    (Existing clients, VDWS certificate and insurance* required)


    (Incl one wetsuit, vest and harness)

    Per hour

    € 55

    Discount card, 5 hours.

    € 220

    Single Items


    € 12 per hour


    € 5 per hour

    *An example that covers catamaran rental:

    VDWS SafetyTool


    Do you want to have an active week on the water and try out different watersports? Then the Week Sportcard is for you!

    With this card you can do 2 courses, each in a different sport. Furthermore, you can rent equipment, this is included in the card.

    For example, you can choose a combination of Windsurfing and Kitesurfing, Windsurfing and Catamaran or Kitesurfing and Catamaran.

    Price: €450 pp (see conditions)