Frequently Asked Questions

A lot of information about our lessons and surfing school Veerse Dam can be found on the website. All information about the courses can be found here: windsurfing, kitesurfing, catamaran, sup. The prices are also shown.

Have a look below at the frequently asked questions, maybe the answer to your question is already there.

All prices are all inclusive (unless stated otherwise), this means including wetsuit and equipment. There are also shoes for windsurfing. With catamaran we provide a life jacket and with kitesurfing a float jacket and harness.

It would be great if you are here at least 15 minutes before the lesson starts. Then there will be enough time to give you a tour and for you to put on your wetsuit, so we can start in time. Please note: for kitesurfing lessons it is requested to be present 30 minutes before the start.

If you want to be sure (especially in high season) that there is a place for you, book your lesson 4 days in advance. You can always see last minute whether there is still a place available with an instructor, but no guarantee.

No unfortunately not. However, you are welcome to come and surf with us in the bay with your own surf equipment.

Certainly not! You can decide on which days you want to take a lesson in the course. It can be 3 days in a row, but there can also be a week between classes. We recommend that you do not plan the lessons too far apart, so that the subject matter stays fresh.

Veerse Dam surf school is open from the end of June to mid-September. You can find the dates on the contact page. We are open 7 days a week for all water sports. The first lesson starts around 9:30 am and the last lesson of the day ends around 7:30 pm.

Unfortunately this is not possible. You’re welcome again when the next season has started!

You can pay with a debit card, Mastercard, Visa or simply in cash. It is no problem to pay with a foreign card.

The languages in which we give water sports lessons are Dutch, German and English.

We do not have a minimum and maximum age, because you are never too young or too old to learn. A swimming diploma is a must if you participate in a windsurf, catamaran, sup or kitesurfing lesson at our school.

On the other side of the road next to the surfschool you can park, next to the bridge. It’s paid parking, so don’t forget to pay before you start your watersport lesson. Tip: Dutch debit cards are accepted, foreign cards unfortunately not yet. So always take some change with you.

Swimwear (for underneath the wetsuit), sunscreen and a towel. We take care of the rest, everything is available at the school at the right size for the right sport. Everything is included in the prices on the website. Tip: if you are going kite surfing or you are participating in a sup tour, bring something to eat and drink with you.

No, unfortunately this is not possible for safety reasons. Once you have had a surf lesson, you know how to handle the equipment, how the sport works and how to handle the wind. Together with your instructor we will see if you are ready to rent. You can always rent a sup board, you will quickly have fun with it (we always take the weather conditions into account). And that’s what we want, more water sports fans :-).

We recommend that you take at least one lesson. After that you decide together with your instructor your next steps. Windsurfing is a technical sport, but can be learned quickly with the right instruction. It will be much more fun and less intensive if you have the right skills. If you take the basic course, you can rent an hour yourself after the 2nd or 3rd lesson. This is included in the course.

Certainly! You can get windsurfing lessons at all levels, from better mastering the basic techniques to planed jibing. This is also possible if you had lessons at another school. It is important to first have a refresher lesson with an instructor, who can determine where you are and how we will approach the follow-up.

We offer a 5-hour basic course, after which you can continue independently with basic wind surfing on a lake. Given that windsurfing is a sport in which you never stop learning, we can also teach you the advanced techniques such as surfing with a harness or the beach start.

That would be nice! It is important that your son or daughter is at least 12 and that you do not differ very much in height. This is because an adult person often surfs with a larger sail than a child. The larger sail is going faster than the smaller one, causing you to drift apart. This makes it more difficult for the instructor to teach you well.
If you are unsure, you can always book a lesson together to try it out. And we’ll look afterwards how it went.

The number of lessons you need depends on several factors such as experience with kite flying, other boardsports and talent. To practice kiting independently and safely, the average student needs about 4 lessons of 3 hours each. You will get a VDWS certificate and after you have reached level 3 (surf back and forth for 50 m), you can do an exam. After this exam you’re welcome to rent equipment from us to practice further.

If there is not enough wind, too much wind or thunder on the day itself and the predictions are incorrect, we will schedule the lesson together on a different date. Whether the lesson can take place, depends on the experience and the weight of the student and the parts that we want to teach the student.

Kitesurfing remains an extreme sport and you can make it as crazy as you want. By first taking kitesurfing lessons at a good kiteschool you ensure that you are on the water safely and responsibly.

Surfschool Veerse Dam has 12 years of experience in giving kitesurfing lessons. Our teaching methodology has been developed by and for kite surfers. Each student starts at his or her own level in order to safely grow into an independent kite surfer.

If you want to learn it, you can do it! It is a fun and educational sport. We have from 10 year old kids (your weight is at least 35kg) to 70 year old adults.

No: it is comparable with snowboarding and skiing. You both use snow, but the movement and experience are completely different. This is also the case with kitesurfing and windsurfing, these sports use different equipment and require different movements of your body.

We have been teaching kitesurfing for more than 12 years, of which 8 years now with radio helmets. Because with the noise of wind and waves, it’s easier to hear the instructions clearly with the helmets on. Even if your distance between you and the instructor increases, you can clearly understand him/her. You get 100% instructions, the entire lesson. There is also the possibility to talk back to your instructor. In this way everyone is guided individually at their own level during the lesson.

Sure you can do! With us you can get kitesurfing lessons at all levels, from continuing with the water start to the better landing of your jump. This is also possible if you have had lessons at another school. We work with small groups, radio helmets and experienced instructors, making it possible to teach everyone at their own level.

VDWS (Association of German Water Sports Schools) is the largest water sports organization in the world. The VDWS ensures that international lessons are taught in a safe and good way. In addition to kitesurfing, they also specialize in windsurfing, supping and catamaran sailing. VDWS is the German version of IKO. For more information, visit

No that is not necessary! Our instructors teach at all levels, from beginners to experienced catamaran pros.

Yes, because it is a whole new sailing experience. Catamarans cannot be compared with any other sailing sport. Many experienced keel boats or yacht sailors still have to learn the tricks of the trade on a catamaran. The theory is the same, now you only need to practice.

This depends on the amount of experience you have and how quickly you learn. You will be sailing yourself as much as possible from the beginning of the course. You can take our VDWS exam so that you can continue to rent independently. If you have had a basic course 6-hours, you cannot take an exam yet. For this we have the extra exam training courses.

We have 2 types, the nacra 500 and the nacra 470. The nacra 500 can carry 3 adults (the instructor with 2 students). On the nacra 470 can sail 2 adults.

No, not at all. Suppen is the most accessible watersport. It is the fastest growing watersport in the world, because the easy entry level. You can start sitting down or on your knees, without sacrificing speed.

No, you are also welcome without yoga experience or sup experience. Our yoga instructors always give the first lesson at beginners level. They adapt their instructions level to the group.

With lessons you get a wetsuit and shoes from us. These are mandatory because of safety and water temperature. If it is warm (above 30 degrees) you can put on swimwear (swim shorts and lycra) and shoes. And sunscreen!

That is 2 students. Unfortunately, you cannot register individually, but your mother, neighbor or former classmate may also want to give it a try. For the sup-yoga lessons and the sup tour the minimum is 4 students.

That depends on the circumstances. We try to find a route with as much wind in our back as possible, but sometimes there may be a bit of side or headwind. But for most it is doable, it is a nice way to experience Zeeland on the water.