Kitesurfen in Zeeland

Kitelessons with radio helmet

Book a kitesurfing lesson with our kitesurf school and you can expect the following:

  • Kite lessons with radio helmets for intensive coaching
  • Certified and constantly trained instructors
  • Perfect teaching locations in Zeeland at the Vrouwenpolder or Neeltje Jans beach
  • Kitesurfing certificate with VDWS level system
  • Up to date equipment, like North kites and O’Neill wetsuits


Basiscourse Kitesurfing in 3 lessons

In the beginnerscourse we take you from the first time holding a kite to sailing your first meters on the water. Your progress will be marked on your VDWS license. Once you reacht VDWS level 3 and you passed your theory exam, you will be able to practise by yourself under supervision.

Lesson 1: Kite Practice

You will learn to master the kite:

  • How do you rigg up a kite
  • Where and when can you safely practice kitesurfing
  • Which safety systems does a kite have?
  • How do you start, land and steer a kite and regulate its power?

You will do a lot by yourself:

  • Many kite exercises on land and in the water
  • Restart the kite from the water
  • Kite flying with a harness
kitesurf basiscursus les 1

Lesson 2: Perfect your kite handling

You continue with the excercises to control the kite. We mostly do this in the water, safe and fun! You will:

  • Rigg up your kite
  • Do several excercises to drag your self through the water
  • Practice with kite and board in the water
  • Try your first waterstarts
  • If there’s not enough wind, will go through the theory to level 3
kitesurf basiscursus les 2

Lesson 3: Waterstart

In the third lesson of the kite course you will:

  • Repeat what you learned before
  • Practice a lot with the most difficult part, the “waterstart”
  • Sail your first meters (50m)
  • FInish theory up to level 3
kitesurf basiscursus les 3

3 lessons of 2,5 hours, including equipment

Per person € 357,-

Advanced Couse Kitesurfing

The advanced course is for you if you already know the basics, but not on the level to buy your own set and practice by yourself. We continue practicing a lot and we’ll also point out the choice of equipment and advice on what to buy. The latter we’ll explain if there’s not enough wind to go out into the water. We’ll aim for VDWS Level 5, which will enable you to rent equipment.

Did you begin with the waterstart or did you sail your first meters? Then this course is the choice for you.

Lesson 1: The Basics under Control

kitesurf vervolgcursus les 1

In this lesson we continue where you left off:

  • Controlled waterstarts in both directions
  • Control your speed
  • 50 meters or more in a direction

Lesson 2: Keeping Height and making Turns

kitesurf vervolgcursus les 2

Again we continue where you were last lesson:

  • The focus will be on keeping height so you don’t have to walk back anymore
  • We’ll begin making turns (transitions)
  • We’ll give an equipment lesson if there’s no wind.

Lesson 3: All Directions

kitesurf vervolgcursus les 3

The goal of the last lesson is dat you’ll be able to go out independently (without supervision so you can rent equipment and know what to look for when buying equipment. We aim for level 5 on your licence. We will:

  • Practice what we learned before
  • Not just keeping height, but also gaining height
  • Sail in more directions

3 lessons of 2,5 hours, including equipment

Per person € 357,-

Single Kitesurf Lessons

You can take single lessons at any level. Maybe you want to try it out, you want to refresh or you want to learn a certain skill. We’ll book you in on the right level for you.

kitesurf les

2,5 hours, including equipment

Per person € 122,-

You can’t find the info about our kiteschool you’re looking for? Then get in touch with us or have a look at the faqs.


2.5 hours
€ 56,-
(VDWS Level 4 and insurance* required)
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Week Sportscard

Do you want to have an active week on the water and try out different watersports? Then the Week Sportcard is for you!

With this card you can do 2 courses, each in a different sport. Furthermore, you can rent equipment, this is included in the card.

For example, you can choose a combination of Windsurfing and Kitesurfing, Windsurfing and Catamaran or Kitesurfing and Catamaran.

Price: €459 pp (see conditions)